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The key to the 3rd millennium

The way to light is the way of fulfilment, the will one day everyone reached, if he wants or not.

Love is the power which everything defeated. Horus

Dear visitor,

here in the center of life and health counseling become several methods presented that provide for you individual solutions to your problems keep ready. Themes such as sustainable education and the imparting of self-help in health care are the main constituents.

The process can improve your health significantly, and change your world view!

A reaction is therefore carried out via various development stations and several smaller steps.

This I offer in sessions, workshops, literature and exercises for relaxation / incrase of the well-being, Energytraining / Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan at.

If they need more information in English, I can send that.

Thank you and enjoying the images. You already own a positive effect.

Sat nam

Andreas Grohmann (info@andreasgrohmann.de)

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A New Era of Spiritual Technics